Construction - Leveling Systems
G-176 plus / S-276 plus  
The G-176 plus / S-276 plus is a follow-up on proven MOBA leveling technology. Plus stands for more robustness, more exactness and the introduction of digital technology. The G-176 plus is a digital grade control system which is used for leveling construction machines along a height reference.  
Effective leveling system for Grader

The GS-506 is a flexible leveling system, specifically developed for use on motor graders and dozers.
With information coming from sonic sensors, laser skis, rotary sensors or even 3D sensing systems, the GS-506 allows the automated production of a plane with a high degree of exactness.

MOBA laser-matic  

The MOBA Laser-matic is a laser-assisted control system for precise manual or automatic kilver and scraper height adjustment.
The MOBA laser receiver LS-3000 on the variable MOBA electronic mast ETM-900 receives the height reference of a stationary laser transmitter, while the networked Lasermatic digital controller carries out exact hydraulic control or topographic measurements in real-time.
Up to ten hydraulic configurations can be saved, allowing one controller to be used in various machines without additional calibration.

MOBA GS-506  

The innovative 3D solution for automated grader and dozer operations. The two digital configurations MOBA 3D-GS (for GNSS systems) and
MOBA 3D-TS (for terrestrial positioning systems) ensure an efficient workflow even when following the most challenging designs.
Data transmission from the office to the construction machine makes property plans and roadway specifications available for immediate implementation:
cut and fill values are clearly displayed on the touch screen of the machine‘s PC (MPC).
The hydraulic control GS-506 always holds the blade at precisely the right height in real-time or, using the sideshift function, keeps the edge of the blade in line.

Effective leveling system MOBA-matic®  
The MOBA-matic® is a digital leveling and slope control system for different mobile construction machines such as asphalt pavers, slipform pavers, milling machines, dozers or graders.
It combines controller and intuitive HMI in one housing and allows the integration of a huge variety of sensors for leveling and slope control.
The MOBA-matic® is easy to use, highly precise and reliable. Due to its modular design, new sensors may be added for grade and slope control.
MPA - 100  

he MPA-100 is an integrated digital controller with HMI enabling the control of different hydraulic systems.
Several sensor signals can be processed by the controller.

Special features of the MPA-100:
  • Up to four analog sensors can be connected and power-supplied at the same time, their signals can be processed in parallel.
  • Additional CAN sensors can be processed.
  • The data of a superior control unit can be read in via CAN.
  • Diagnosis data is displayed on a LCD display.
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