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    Jerman Road Paving Used Machinery (JRPUM) Trading & Services has many years of experience in procurement service and worldwide supply of new vehicles and services for the Iron and Steel Works, Power Plants, Mining Industry , Cement Factories and Asphalt Plants.

Successful operation of any industrial facility depends to a large extent on the efficient procurement of the equipment, spare parts, consumables and other operating materials.
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  - Crawler-Paver
- Wheel-Paver
- Sidewalk pavers
- Screeds
- Planers
- Tandem-Rollers
- Combi-Rollers
- And More...
  - Emergency Switch
- Manual Moving Card
- Milling Card
- Mobile Digital Sensor
- SUMITOMO Payer Card
- Vibration Manual Card
- VOGOLE 1603 Card
- And More...
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